Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is it bad...

... that I feel accomplished because I have managed to get both my classes completely silent today (which does not necessarily mean that they're learning...)?

... that I am sitting at my desk watching them work instead of walking around and making sure that they're writing about conflict, theme, and point of view and not writing "the muffin man" on their papers (it's happened)?

... that I am still exhausted after 9 hours of sleep and a red bull?

... that I have a pile of back-up work for them to do in case they finish early (my only plea is that they don't bother me)?

... that all I want is for them to not talk to me, to each other, to anybody in my classroom today?

... that I have been good all week long (no going out, no over-drinking, no hang-overs) and I feel worse today that I did on the major hang-over day a few weeks ago?

On a positive note - really good lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday. If my scholars know nothing else, they know how to identify and analyze a similar theme across two texts.

*Other amazing things about being a teacher:
  • The teacher look (works miracles)
  • The ability to type without looking - right now, I am sitting at my desk and staring at my boys giving them "the look" - HILARIOUS!
  • (Still staring) - the unique ability to decipher amongst whispers - there's nothing better than having your back turned to the students and saying "John - please focus on your work")
I swear - teachers would make the best spies.

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