Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love/Not Love

  • Teaching
  • Dinner dates with Heardy
  • Phone calls
  • Road trips with new friend/co-worker
  • The line, " were born a goddess, I made you my queen, so we upgraded to Louis XIII..." - Lovin' those cultural references
  • Car pooling
  • Cookies
  • Cherry Coke (I will be up all night!!! No bueno, but so bueno all at the same time)
  • Air mattresses
  • Rebecca-Lea Parkin McKeithen
  • Crankiness (mine)
  • Pettiness (mine - mostly)
  • Not being able to read minds
  • Clean laundry


  1. I LOVE YOU TOOO!! You literally made my whole week better! I am in near tears. I am a little confused about "Hating Clean Landry" and here is why! I love clean clothes, but actually hate cleaning them, folding them, putting them away!!! Just a thought! You are hilarious and this is my favorite blog ever!!!


  2. I'm the same way - I like that they are clean, but I hate the fact that they have overtaken my bed!