Monday, September 6, 2010

A Marvelous Case of the Mondays

Of course we always long for the things we do not currently have - I am a summer person in the deepest part of my soul - I adore all things about summer (I even secretly love the humidity if I make wise clothing choices.) My philosophy since birth: the fewer the clothes, the better.

But a beautiful weekend spent a tad bit north made me long for cooler weather (by cooler, I mean 65 degrees). I think it was the glorious afternoon that I spent sleeping in the grass under a blanket.. oh, the simple pleasures in life. Unfortunately, my exposed body parts (namely my heels and legs) disturbed the homes of several little critters who attempted, quite futilely, to protect their dwellings. Although I won the battle, I acquired a few wounds.

Needless to say, I had a lovely, un-laborious Labor Day spent with one old friend and several new friends. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the food bag in Meg's car, so the pictures were scarce - however, I managed to include a few pre- and post- pictures.

Ms. Keck and Ms. Parkin's Road Trip to Iowa Begins!

Detour - Mexico for Margaritas and Louisiana for Crawfish (although we're both allergic...)

Arriving at Destination - This is when the camera mysteriously disappeared

The best part of fall - flannel shirts

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