Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer - Week 1

Monday: Don't remember

Tuesday: Also don't remember

Wednesday: Is it Wednesday already?

Thursday: Clean/organize room

As is evidenced by the above picture (I tried to have it at the bottom of the page, but gave up after 2 failed attempts), I did at some point get a haircut. It occurred between this morning and 4 weeks ago; however, an exact hour is TBD - time means nothing during the summer. A minute is a million years, and a million years are a minute.

I also was on a trolley with Star and Micey (again, an exact date cannot be determined at this time) - it was brilliantly fun! :) After some research, I discovered that there was a fourth man on the trolley who sang, danced, and played guitar, but was NOT a member of Star and Micey officially - His name is Jeremy Stanfill. He is also brilliant.

In 8 days, I return to the current land of my parents - Florida.

Plans while in Florida:
  • Make snow (sand is adequate if snow is not available) angels for 2 hours
  • Ice Skate (negotiable)
  • Eat whole roll of Tollhouse cookie dough quickly (contest-able)
  • Snuggle (mandated)

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