Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I could...

... vent twice about the same issue, but I am choosing not to. I am choosing to not vent on my blog, which still has 9 followers (yes, I am considering following my own blog through my other 3 gmail accounts.)

I am choosing to write about two things that I love -

#1: Green Chile

#2: Cuban Food

My new friend Kelly made this delicious green chile something tonight, and it took everything within me not to just eat all of it straight out of the pan. All I can think about right now is GREEN CHILES!

I love and miss Cuban food. For about 6 weeks, it has been one of my five topics (other topics include [and are limited to] painting furniture orange, the College World Series in Omaha, my little brother Dylan, and the frequency of Hope disregarding my feelings.)

In other news:
  • Chase and Becca have a house and are moving in next week. My parents are going to help them. Because the dates collide, my parents will not be attending my graduation (no big - for real.) I am saying that to add that they are being VERY cute about it; both my mom and dad keep calling in case I decide to "change my mind."
  • Five days left as a "resident teacher." It is bitter-sweet really (however, the ratio of bitter to sweet changes daily. Today's ratio - 1:4 [bitter:sweet]).
  • I met an incredible family that lives in Colombia tonight. I am hoping to one day be their friend.
  • My novel is coming along nicely. It has changed faces several times - it is now more about a group of teenagers and young adults from a low-socioeconomic, urban neighborhood who form step groups and compete against each other on the streets (the global warming bit still stands - sorry.)


  1. It's not a numbers game Ellie, it's the quality of the followers you're looking for.

  2. Christian - I am not a quality, but a quantity, person. I value numbers, not relationships. I would rather look really good than actually possess intrinsically "good" values.