Monday, January 25, 2010

Gloomy Days

Gloomy days in Memphis are productive for me. Gloomy days spent alone in a coffee shop surrounded by hard-working, focused Memphians yields even higher results. Nobody in this room will talk to me. None of them are welcoming distraction. They are intent on completing their work. I am so glad I decided to sit in this room instead of the other room where two of my previous distractors were sitting. That would have created hours of chatter about the gloomy weather in Memphis and about how it was 71 degrees in Milton, Florida yesterday.

Currently, my mind is wandering - too much concentrated work makes my mind go crazy. It is wandering to:
  • Heroes
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • Kaitlin Griffith and my phone conversation
  • The terrible twenty-twos
  • Germany
  • Honduras
  • Chicago
  • Boots
  • New shoes
  • No money
  • Gloomy days in Memphis
  • Air mattress deflating
  • Bulldogs
For Christmas, I got this enormous air mattress (AM) (a.k.a., "hotel in a bag," "port-o-bed," "super-AM," "ruler of all other AMs," "one AM to rule them all," "AM of the future," "This ain't your grandmother's AM," "little to no shrinkage," "the velvet AM," "the great inflation," "kiss my AM," "Let's have some AM," "Don't mess with AM," "AM in the house," "Tell me how am I supposed to breath with so much AM," "AM Jordans" - submissions for other names currently being accepted.) I slept on it this weekend and last weekend, and it was awesome. Really, the best Christmas present I have ever received.


Miss Cocktail - the trend-setter.

She's real cool.

Go Michigan!

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